About Us

Media4Impact is a different concept in website and print publishing, specialising in websites that are easy to navigate and that will add real value to your business.
Media4Impact is run by Paul Brookman who has a wealth of knowledge in design and writing.
Paul, pictured right, said: “There are millions of websites on the internet and while there are many that are easy to use and pleasing to the eye, there are many more in which it is apparent that little thought has been given to how the finished product looks.
“As a result these sites are not simple to navigate, neither do they provide the user with the information they require.”
The design and look of a website is imperative forMedia4Impact. Equally important is that our sites are easy to use.
We will not try to baffle you with science so you end up with features you neither require or want. At the same time we can suggest features which you may not have thought of.
So give Media4Impact a call on 0775 9668180 or contact us here.

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